Number of newly created software threats rises 15 percent daily

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Computer users are at greater risk.With computer usage on the rise, cybercriminals are increasingly developing new software designed to threaten and compromise their unassuming victims. According to a new report from PandaLabs, an internet security firm, the number of malware threats created daily has risen nearly 15 percent during 2010.

More than 63,000 pieces of malicious software are created every day by hackers. Fortunately, security service providers are able to neutralize more than one half of these new viruses the same day they come out. Still, one-third of currently active malware has been in existence for longer than 10 months, the report says.

"Since 2003, new threats have increased at a rate of 100 percent or more," Luis Corrons, PandaLabs' technical director, told IT Channel Planet. "Yet so far in 2010, purely new malware has increased by only 50 percent, significantly less than the historical norm."

PandaLab's new study emphasizes how important it is that consumers keep their antivirus software up-to-date. With more than 63,000 viruses created each day, they need to have the latest security software.

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