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Not Just Musical Robots

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One of the most amusing things I’ve seen recently has been the video of UPenn’s quadrotors playing the James Bond theme. Watching this video, I can’t help but be reminded of a swarm of cartoon bees, all working together to bring pollen back to the hive and make honey. As funny a picture as that is, it points directly at   …Continue Reading

Digital Doctor X-Prize Challenge

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Digital Doctor X CHALLENGE $1 Million Grand Challenge: Nearly half of our world’s population lives in rural areas with little or no access to primary healthcare physicians. The supply of doctors does not exist, nor are there the funds to build millions of hospitals needed in the developing world. Although most of the visits to primary care physicians are routine   …Continue Reading

Engineers Attempt to Give Robots the Ability to Love

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You can’t buy love, but can you engineer it? A project at the National University of Singapore with all kinds of somewhat unsettling implications is trying to create the means for human-robot love by giving robots all the emotional and biological tools that human have. Read more here Tweet This Post

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