Intelius Security Expert Roberto Siciliano interviewed on BlogTalkRadio

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Intelius Security Consultant Robert Siciliano was recently interviewed on BlogTalkRadio program CyberHood Watch. Dave & Bill, the hosts of CyberHood Watch, discuss the Internet security issues of the day relating to your children, families, homes, PC’s and mobile communication devices.

Robert Siciliano, the net’s premier security expert, probably needs no introduction, but Naveen Jain will introduce him anyway! Robert has recently partnered with Intelius to help spread his knowledge about identity theft and internet security. He will be a featured guest star in my upcoming new site, Naveen Jain’s Internet Security (coming soon!)

Check out the interview:

Robert Siciliano, Consultant to Intelius, Talks with Dave & Bill (BlogTalkRadio)

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