Cybercriminals target consumers with new Black Friday scams

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Hackers are targeting online shoppers.The day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, is commonly regarded as the biggest shopping day of the year among many Americans. Cybercriminals also know this, and they are targeting consumers looking to get the best deals for their holiday shopping, The Epoch Times reports.

Hackers have set up fake shopping sites that spread malware when users try to download coupons or flyers. Additionally, some are also creating fake payment processors that are designed to steal credit card numbers, passwords and personal information from consumers.

According to web security firm Webroot, some American consumers have already fallen victim to Black Friday-related scams this holiday season. ThirtySeven4, another internet security service provider, also found that several websites that show up when users search "Best Buy Black Friday 2010 Deals" are infested with malware and computer viruses.

Cybercriminals frequently take advantage of popular events, such as Black Friday or popular movie releases, to proliferate their malware. Consumers need to be careful where they shop and should only visit trusted websites. 

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