A New Definition of Personal Identity and Power

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This is such an exciting time to be alive. The emergence of social media tools has given each of us the power to become a global brand. Never before has technology put so much global reach into our personal grasp. The rise of the social consumer is converging amidst tremendous societal changes that directly impact the information and content available about each of us online. We have become our own brands in today’s world and that requires each of us to create and manage our online personal identities.

It is remarkable to think how much our personal power has grown thanks to innovations in technology and the role of social media. Back when I was 25, working at a top software company, my personal power was limited to whatever ability I had to make an impact at the office or in a meeting. I was making patent filings by mail – and while I believed I was at the epicenter of innovation and change, I had a lot to learn I would come to find out.

Now when I look at social technology and the creator economy that’s emerging as a result, I am fascinated by the new heights we are reaching in personal identity and personal power.

Almost everyone is participating in or consuming one social forum or another. Blogs, social games, online video, Facebook, Twitter and even voting on top entertainment like “American Idol” are making all of us active creators in an increasingly social world.

This newfound personal power combined with the reach of social technology has become a change agent that impacts millions of lives. What I find amazing is that social media is not just being used as a reporting tool, but rather a conduit to foster actual positive social change. Great innovations are coming from social media and I am thrilled by the advancements that are affecting positive change in the world.

This is why I’m on a mission to give individuals the knowledge and insights they need to take back control of their personal online brands. The power to control one’s online personal identity, or as I call it “Odentity,” is going through a rapid transformation that presents new challenges – and opportunities.  If you are not managing your online personal identity, someone else can and will.

In every walk of life – from personal to professional – it is critical for people to manage their reputations to land the best jobs, engage with potential partners and present themselves well to new friends and associates. As individuals are given greater control of how they are presented online, the balance of power shifts greatly in their favor.

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