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Not Just Musical Robots

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One of the most amusing things I’ve seen recently has been the video of UPenn’s quadrotors playing the James Bond theme. Watching this video, I can’t help but be reminded of a swarm of cartoon bees, all working together to bring pollen back to the hive and make honey. As funny a picture as that is, it points directly at   …Continue Reading

Harnessing Big Data to Improve Healthcare

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One of the top ten medical breakthroughs expected in 2012 is Harnessing Big Data to Improve Healthcare. As Trustee of the Board at X PRIZE Foundation, I am focused on finding entrepreneurial solutions to address the global challenges in education, poverty, agriculture, health, and clean water. With so much data in the world of cyberspace, it only makes sense that   …Continue Reading

3D Printers and The Disappearance of Economies of Scale

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One of the biggest hurdles an entrepreneur faces when considering entering the marketplace is whether production of the product can be scaled to be accessible to the largest amount of consumers. There are lots of factors when considering scalability, many of those being production costs. For example, time of manufacture, materials, and labor all contribute to the inherent costs of   …Continue Reading

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