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Hackers exploit security flaws in Adobe Reader

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Computer software designer Adobe has confirmed that cybercriminals are exploiting yet another unpatched vulnerability in its Reader program that enables hackers to infect unknowing users, reports the Register.  The security gap exists in Adobe's document viewer for all three major platforms – Windows, OS X and Unix. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the vulnerability to install a trojan known as   …Continue Reading

Cybercriminals exploit unpatched Firefox flaw

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While Mozilla Firefox may not be the default web browser for computers, a substantial number of internet users have downloaded the program. Now, cybercriminals are attacking these individuals through an unpatched exploit, reports ComputerWorld. The flaw was uncovered on Tuesday by security program producer Norman. Cybercriminals infected a piece of code on the Nobel Peace Prize website, which could then   …Continue Reading

Majority of web users still at risk of Java security exploit

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While Oracle released a security patch for a new Java exploit that hackers are using to victimize internet users, a new report from security firm Trusteer has found that the majority of consumers still haven't installed the patch to protect themselves from potential threats. With more than three-quarters of modern machines using Java, Trusteer believes the security hole is the   …Continue Reading

Panda Security introduces new antivirus software for the Mac

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A popular misconception among many American consumers is that Mac computers can't get viruses. The fact of the matter is that cybercriminals design their malware to reach the largest possible audiences, and with the number of Apple computer owners rising, hackers have begun to focus their attacks on Mac users as well. Fortunately, antivirus firm Panda Security has rolled out   …Continue Reading

New malware can track consumers’ social media behavior

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While most malicious software is designed to steal computer users' financial information or identities, a new study from Ben-Gurion University indicates that a new wave of viruses could track and imitate their victims’ actual behavior. As the researchers note, this is potentially more dangerous, as cybercriminals could use the data to help plan their attacks. "Many social networks collect important   …Continue Reading

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