New malware campaign takes advantage of World Cup

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Cybercrimminals are taking advantage of the World Cup to proliferate malwareWith the World Cup upon us, Naveen Jain, along with countless sports fans worldwide, has been enraptured by "futbol fever." Unfortunately, cybercriminals are taking advantage of enthusiasts for their malware campaigns, reports ZDNet.

Researchers from WebSense reported that offenders send emails to unknowing victims, claiming that a scandal has rocked the FIFA World Cup 2010. The email then instructs the victims to read the attached document, which is a link to a news page. After clicking the file, a script loads a tiny iFrame that refreshes the actual malicious link.

"The sample we have encountered today is a little different from the usual, as the technique used may not raise suspicion. We have seen over 80,000 email messages in this new campaign," a WebSense spokesperson told ZDNet.

On top of that, the link also redirects the victim to a well-known pharmaceutical scam. Both scams are believed to be run by the same individual.

This latest batch of FIFA-themed malware isn’t the first one. In March, a similar email campaign encouraged users to download an infected PDF file that masqueraded as a soccer guide, reports ZDNet. Adobe later fixed the breach in its program.


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