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A New Definition of Personal Identity and Power

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This is such an exciting time to be alive. The emergence of social media tools has given each of us the power to become a global brand. Never before has technology put so much global reach into our personal grasp. The rise of the social consumer is converging amidst tremendous societal changes that directly impact the information and content available   …Continue Reading

Why Your Child Won’t Be a Scientist (and What You Can Do About It)

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Research shows low numbers of youth who are engaged in the sciences and the need for increased attention to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. With the release of a report from the Department of Commerce announcing that STEM jobs grew at three times the rate of non-STEM jobs, and offer higher pay, the fact that there is such   …Continue Reading

Young Entrepreneur’s New Take on the Credit Card

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An Iowa startup called Dwolla has come up with an innovative new way to deal with online payments that sidesteps credit cards completely. The 28 year old who started the company has no finance background, yet his little operation is moving about $350 million per year. In the founder’s words, “Ultimately we’re trying to build the next Visa, not the   …Continue Reading

The Moon As We Know It

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As our closest cosmic neighbor, and the Earth’s only natural satellite, the moon has long been a symbol of mystery and intrigue. Spacecraft have been studying the moon for nearly 50 years, and lunar exploration has been an important benchmark in our nation’s history. But, there is still much to learn, and many more questions to answer. Currently, NASA’s only   …Continue Reading

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